New way of 3D visualization creation in Blender

For sure we can say that this is the start of a new era and new way of how the 3D visualizations or ArchViz can and will be created in Blender.

There is a lot of different sources over the internet where the graphic artist can find 3D assets like textures, PBR materials, procedural materials, 3D models for Blender – an unlimited source of 3D assets. But we (the B3D Team) are moving in a different direction and to the different approaches of how the graphic artist could receive the 3D assets and find the needed. Our goal is the one united system that holds and combines all that is needed for a 3D visualization artist to produce the work, develop the project, and succeed with the best result,

Seeking is a time-wasting
Just imagine how much time you are spending seeking the right 3D assets all over the internet!? And how this 3D asset seeking impacts the time you are spending on the project development. There is a simple rule for every 3D graphic artist: The more time you spend developing one project the less profit or earnings you can make. And that is so true – no doubts about that guys!

Uncategorized and unknown 3D models and materials
Another time and thou earning stealer are the uncategorized and unknown 3D assets, like 3D models and materials without the manufacturer’s name.  Every day we are working with architectural and interior design projects wherein the 3D visualizations must be used 3D models and materials from real manufacturers, so our clients could see the real picture, not the “it will look something like that” 🙂
We are talking about 3D architectural visualizations which are intended to show the real situation of how the room or area will look after transformations. Of course, there always is a place for simple good-looking 3D arch-viz that does not need to be associated with brand 3D assets. But still, it is always better and shows your competence if you can provide the manufacturer of the 3D model or material used in 3D visualization.

Scene ready 3D models and materials
Times when you download a 3D model and you must apply textures and materials to it, so the 3D model can be used in your project is a past. This is the same past as the uncategorized and unknown 3D assets. You must have access to scene-ready 3D models, which can be accessed directly in Blender. Otherwise, the same way of developing your 3D visualization will lead to the same result.

Stepping out of your comfort zone
Ok. The new 3D projects… Let’s go… 3D modeling assets, creating materials, finding 3D models, materials, backgrounds – the same ways, the same actions will lead to the same result and that means not stepping out of your comfort zone. But just imagine for the moment, that you change your approach and step out of your comfort zone.
Imagine that you have chosen the system where everything is ready – 3D models, materials, backgrounds, and other 3D assets! Then you just need to choose the right 3D asset for your scene and move forward with a new working speed, with the new approach to the new result. Availability to change is the only way to success and the final decision is after every one of us to choose to take the same path we have always walked or go another new way and find out the new possibilities, new profits!

One united System – B3D Blender 3D Assets
A completely new way of how the 3D visualizations can be created in the program Blender is B3D Blender 3D Assets. This system includes all that everything for 3D artists who work in the Blender program to develop the desired project and to achieve the best result. b3D Blender 3D Assets are created by professional architects, interior designers, and 3D graphic artists and tended to reduce project development time by the maximum in thou rise the 3D artist’s earnings and profit from each project.

B3D Team