B3D Links Blender Add-on

B3D Links Blender Add-On
The B3D Links blender add-on works exactly how it sounds – it links you to a lot of different places all over the web where free 3D models, free textures, and free high-quality 3D assets can be downloaded directly from manufacturers. The list of the links is updated every month with the new ones. B3D Links blender add-on is the one and only direct and fastest way to get from Blender UI to worldwide web places of free 3D Models and free textures.

Join B3D, download the B3D Links add-on, and forgot about searching for free 3D assets. It all has been already done for you by B3D Team.
All you need is to click the links, download the free 3D assets and enjoy your daily work as a CG graphic artist.

B3D Links Blender Add-on can be installed as a simple Blender Add-On.