Context Menu Updates Blender Add-On

Blender Context Menus and QPP from B3D Team is a massive Blender context menu upgrade gathering the most used functions of Blender Context Menus on RMB (Right Mouse Button).

As an additional Add-On, there comes also the QPP: Quick Properties panel which is a huge helper to access the commonly used functions like Render, Material e.t.c.

Upgraded Blender Context Menus
Object Context Menu (OCMX)
Object Context Menu Extended (OCM)
Face Context Menu (FCM)
Vertex Context Menu (VCM)
Edge Context Menu (ECM)
Node Context Menu (NCM)
Curve Context Menu (CCM)
Text Context Menu (TCM)

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Copy / Paste extracted content to: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.91\2.91\scripts\startup\bl_ui

Speed Up your daily workflow in Blender with B3D Team updated context menus. Everything you need for quick and easy workflow is accessible from RMB (right mouse button).