5.00 EUR / mo (billed annually)

When joining B3D Blender 3D Assets you will gain access to all Blender assets and availability to download them to your local PC within the synchronization process. Also, you will have access to all B3D Blender add-ons including the B3D Links Blender add-on. Join B3D, use quality Blender assets, work with advanced Blender add-ons, and enjoy the freedom of Blender World.

How to Synchronize Text Guide

Step 1 - Subscribtion

Subscribe to B3D Blender 3D Assets
After the subscription, you will be notified about the review process of your subscription
After succeeded review, you will receive individual access data to B3D Server

Step 2 - Connect to B3D Server

Using your individual data connect to the B3D Server Web disk to enable your access to all B3D Blender 3D asset libraries. Instruction: How to access web disk?

Server Address:
Port: 2078
Full adress:
Password: yourpassword

Step 3 - Make visible B3D Server on AppData folder

– Navigate to your AppData destination place – in most cases this path: C:Users
– Right-click on the AppData folder
– Choose properties
– Disable attributes “Hidden”

Step 4 - Check the B3D asset file visibility

– Navigate to the B3D Server web disk connection folder – in most cases this path: C:UsersAdminAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsNetwork Shortcuts
– There you must see the B3D Server folder which is synchronized with your local PC and holds all 3D asset library folders

Step 5 - Prepare the destination folder and Sync

– Choose the disk on your local PC with the freest space, as the B3D Blender 3D Asset libraries contain more than 39 GB of graphic data and are updated every month with new 3D assets
– Create the folder where you want the 3D assets to be synchronized, for example: B3D Assets
– Download and install Fast Copy

Step 6 - Change Windows system web file exchange limit

– Press Win + R to open the Run window. Type the command regedit and press Enter to open the Registry Editor
– Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSet
– Locate the key FileSizeLimitInBytes in the right-pane / Right-click on it and select Modify
– Choose Hexadecimal and make sure that the value data is 2faf080
– Now, choose the Decimal radio button and change the value data to 4294967295
– Click on OK to save the settings and restart the system

Link to manual with images: The file size exceeds the limit

Step 7 - Synchronize

– Run Fast Copy program
– In the Source field provide the path of your B3D network connection: \ – also can be found in My Computer / Network location – right click on network location shortcut folder and copy Target information
– In the DestDir provide your destination folder which you have created in step 5
– For synchronization mode choose: Sync (Size/Date)
– Run Listing so the Fast Copy check the available files
– When done listing, run Execute to Synchronize

👉 More and more people choose to be synchronized with B3D Blender 3D Assets libraries!
👉 It increases your working speed by 200%
👉 You get instant access to more than 40GB of high-quality 3D assets for Blender
👉 All 3D assets can be Synchronized with your Local PC and accessed directly from Blender UI using B3D Blender Asset Manager
👉 All 3D asset libraries are updated every month with new 3D assets
👉 You get access to all B3D Team developed add-ons/plugins for Blender like QPP (Quick properties panel)

How to Synchronize Video Guide